Feeding the Edinburg Area.
9AM-11AM on the first 4 Saturdays of the month.
The Food Pantry provides free food to Edinburg residents in need. 
Parents, Students, or anyone who is down on their luck can visit the food pantry and take a package of food for themselves and their families.


$6,262 Spent on food

56,001 Families

March 2019

Families: 160

Adults: 325

Children: 216

February 2019

Families: 160

Adults: 323

Children: 238

5,044 lbs of food ordered

$1.22 per person

January 2019

Families: 165

Adults: 362

Children: 241

-For the year of 2018, the Food Pantry provided $56,001 food packages to members of the community.


​1876 Families Served

  • 3939 Adults

  • 2695 Children



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