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Beacon of Truth, Justice, and Morality

Recent events in Washington and beyond show few if any politicians are vitally concerned for truth, justice, and morality. Winning the next election is the central organizing principle, apparently in both major parties.

In recent decades, conservative Christians have been consistent supporters of "traditional family values." But in recent years, little is being said of family values and conservative Christians are becoming better known for their political stands. Who is speaking up for morality, honesty, integrity and the like now?

Increasingly we seem to be living in a nation where anything goes. What are the core values of the United State these days? Do we have any core values?

Lutherans believe the scripture speaks to us through law and gospel. When I was in seminary, I was encouraged to emphasize the good news of grace and the gospel since so many other churches were then preaching legalism and moralism. People needed to hear good news.

Now nearly no one is preaching law. I expect Lutherans will need to start preaching more law. I wonder how Lutherans will make this transition.

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