• Office Administrator

Comments from Mission Presbytery on the Recent Mass Shootings

The local Presbyterian judicatory said the following recently, " More people died on Saturday than some of our congregations have in worship or on their rosters."

This can be taken two ways. Either a lot of people died Saturday or a lot of people have left the Presbyterian church. I suspect both are true and neither is funny.

The statement continues later with the following:

"We are called to pray for our leaders, and we do. We are also called to stand for truth and to hate falsehood. We will continue to pray for our leaders, including and especially our President. But we will no longer stand silent in the face of domestic terrorism, blatant racism and violence. Our silence in the face of racial slurs, our tacit complicity with gun violence, our looking the other way while white nationalists are given encouragement to act - none of that is a fruit of the Spirit. It is only more cause for Jesus to weep."