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ELCA Advocacy on Education of Girls

"Education is one of the best tools for improving social and economic outcomes for individuals and communities., and equal access to education is critical to development of nations. Over the past four decades, the international community has worked to increase access to basic education, and we have seen some progress as a result of these efforts. However, gender disparity in education continues to be one of the most significant challenges in education today, especially in low-income countries.

"According to a report by the World Bank, less than two thirds of girls complete primary education in low-income countries, and only one in three completes lower secondary school. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) estimates that 130 million girls ages six to 17 are not attending school. Even though decades ago the international community recognized that everyone has the right to education, girls in low-income countries continue to face many barriers including poverty, gender-based violence, child marriage, early pregnancy, and conflict."