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Fall Reading Program

I have started reading several new books for the fall.

"The Forgotten Luther II," edited by Ryan Cumming, is the second of a series begun in 2015. One of the challenges for the Lutheran church is the difference between the teachings and practices of Martin Luther and the beliefs and practices of members and clergy of many Lutheran churches in the United States. Luther believed the government was responsible for helping the poor and elderly and favored what today would be called a welfare state. He would probably be a social democrat today in Europe and some contended the Jew Bernie Sanders was the best representative of Lutheran social teachings in the 2016 presidential campaign. Sweden, Denmark, Norway and other northern European nations follow the social teachings of Luther more than the government of the United States does.

"The Devil's Highway," by Luis Alberto Urrea is a classic work on immigration and United States border policy. I was told any pastor in the valley should be familiar with this book. I already like the writing style of the author.

"The Mueller Report" reminds me of the Bible. Many people have opinions about it but few take time to read it. I want to read the book so I can become more knowledgeable and less opinionated. Jesus says the truth frees us. Jesus did not say opinions free us.

"The Universal Christ" is the latest book by Richard Rohr. I use Rohr's daily emailed devotions every morning and am strongly influenced by incarnational mysticism. This book is waiting for me in San Antonio and I look forward to getting my copy on my next trip home.

What are you reading these days?

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