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Future Directions 2025

Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton referred to a new long range plan for the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America which will also parallel her second term as presiding bishop. The plan has five emphases:

1. Thriving church

2. Equipping church

3. Welcoming church

4. Visible church

5. Well-governed, connected, and sustainable church

I expect to see these five emphases used regularly to describe ELCA programs for the next six years.

The assembly also adopted a proposed budget for the next three years. I am happy to see the church is optimistic of growing budgets over the next three years. Hopefully we are beyond the time when budgets were expected to go down. The ELCA appears stable.

The main source of funds for the ELCA comes from congregational benevolent offerings forwarded through their respective synods. This year First Lutheran has budgeted $1700 for ELCA synod and church wide benevolence. The average across the ELCA is 4% of Sunday offerings and the goal is 10% or more.

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