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Information on Immigrant Children Dying Along Our Border

Bread for the World reports:

"All but one of the children who have died in CBP custody in the last two years have been from the Western Highlands region of Guatemala, where 70 percent of children are malnourished. Untreated malnourishment can lead children to become much more susceptible to diseases. We believe that food insecurity and malnutrition is a root cause of migration and that children who arrive at our Southern border should never be detained in restrictive facilities, but if they are that they should be screened for signs of malnutrition and given nutrient dense food while in U.S. custody."

This report confirms what I am hearing that the leading problem in Guatemala is poverty. Each country and region in Central America faces a different set of issues.

The ELCA's AMMPARO initiative is addressing concerns in Central America.

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