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Mueller 440 v. Ziese 292 v. Barr 4

I have heard repeatedly many of the people with the strongest opinions about the Mueller Report have not actually read the report. They are expressing the opinions of others who may not have read the report either. At 440 or so pages, I can understand why people are not reading the report. It is too long for the typical person to tackle.

I had a similar experience when I was writing my final report to get my doctoral degree. The title of my final project was "Stewardship Education as a Means of Congregational Redevelopment." I wanted to write something concise with the hope more people would actually read it. But my advisor insisted I write up all the details and the final paper came to 292 pages. To this day I know of only three people who I know have read my paper: me, my wife, and my advisor.

I understand why Attorney General Barr's report of four pages has a wider readership. We live in a soundbite era. Most people do not read books, if they ever did.

I have been told though that anyone who wants to speak with credibility about much of what is happening in our country these days needs to read the entire report. Some who have read the report say there is much of concern in the report which is not being discussed in our country. True American patriots need to know what is in the report.

Should I read the entire report? I want to be knowledgeable about what is happening in Washington but I feel a need to read a lot of other things as well. I have to prioritize my time.

Do you know of anyone who has read the entire report who could advise me on what to do?

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