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My Twelve Days Away

I went to West Virginia for the wedding of a nephew and to Maryland to visit with my son and his family, including three granddaughters. I also spent some time in San Antonio.

The wedding was outdoors in a state park by a waterfall, a beautiful setting. I got to see West Virginia University and the reception ended with the song by John Denver about West Virginia, a common practice at social gatherings in that state. I also saw lots of coal on a train and was able to visit with some coal miners.

In San Antonio I attended a play and attended a church on Sunday where I did not have to preach. I was able to hear one of our campus pastors preach.

I was also able to spend some time with my mother and wife.

As a whole, I was asked more about conditions in the detention facilities along the border. I said the detention facilities are not open to the general public and I know as much about what happens there as they do.

Some of the best information the ELCA receives comes from people who have been returned to Central America and report to church authorities there.

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