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Other ELCA Advocacy Concerns

I have sent out a couple of the many advocacy concerns from our church, usually focusing on concerns I think are of more interest in the valley.

The ELCA is also concerned for the plight of Palestinian children living under Israeli military occupation. ELCA members are urged to contact representatives in Washington, urging them to protect the rights of Palestinian children and to uphold existing U.S. law that prohibits using military aid to violate international humanitarian law.

In general, where most conservative evangelicals offer almost blind support to Israel, the ELCA is among those ecumenical and interfaith groups who also speak up for the rights of Palestinians and other Arabs.

The ELCA also wants to protect the housing rights of mixed-immigration status families. The denomination cares about maintaining the integrity and moral aims of our supportive housing programs.

When I arrived in Edinburg, I found members who had no idea our church encourages advocacy work. I am trying to show the congregation what advocacy within the ELCA is.

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