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Questions for One-to-One Meetings

I announced several weeks ago my intention to meet one-on-one with as many members of First Lutheran as I can in coming weeks. I want to listen to as many people as I can. To help me in the process, I understand the adult Sunday school class used last Sunday to suggest some people I should make a special effort to interview.

Following are the questions I intend to ask:

What attracted you to First Lutheran Church?

What keeps you here?

What are the congregation's strengths? What are our weaknesses?

What should be added or expanded? What should be deleted or reduced?

What are your dreams for First Lutheran for the next year? for the next five years?

What about First Lutheran cannot be changed?

What else would you like to say?

If you will be leaving town sometime soon, I encourage to set a time to meet with me now. I hope to use what I learn in helping plan the future of the congregation.

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