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The Dam Appears to Have Broken

Two weeks ago I commented on a FB post that the tipping point where religious leaders would find it necessary to speak out more on the political and moral crises facing this country was fast approaching. Judging by events and responses of religious leaders regarding the events of the last few weeks, I think we have reached that tipping point. Several religious leaders have spoken out recently in new ways and the recent ELCA Church Wide Assembly was not bashful about taking stands on controversial issues in our country. I will discuss some of the ways the times have changed in future blog posts.

I am noting the changes in my personal life. Just today I received another email dealing with our national situation from an international source where we were told the email was being sent to everyone as a bcc so our identities could remain confidential from others receiving the same email. And just two weeks ago I told my spiritual director I sense the time may be coming soon when I may not be able to be open about everything I am aware is happening.

It is becoming almost impossible to deny our country faces probably the worst moral leadership crisis we have faced since the Civil War Era. Those with eyes to see and ears to hear need to stay alert.

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