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Thursdays in Black

If you see me on a Thursday, I will probably be wearing black clothes. The World Council of Churches is encouraging Christians around the world to wear black on Thursdays to show solidarity with women who are being abused in various ways around the world.

In Germany last week, Arab women were all in black to support their sisters who often suffer greatly in some Arab and Muslim countries. Our ELCA bishop wore a black shirt instead of the purple shirt he is allowed to wear as a bishop.

During 2017-2018, I wore a burlap stole on the 21st day of every month to stand in solidarity with the poor in the United States. The 21st was chosen because it is usually about that time of the month when families run out of food stamps.

Next Thursday, many ELCA pastors will gather for a convocation in San Antonio. I am interested in seeing how many will wear black.

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