• Office Administrator

Valley Congregation Expresses Initial Interest in Cooperative Ministry

Bishop Sue Briner told me May 15 a congregation in the valley has expressed interest in pursuing cooperative ministry with another congregation. I sat with the president of this congregation at the May 5 conference event in McAllen and we had some conversation then.

I intend to invite this leader to lunch soon to discuss possible next steps for us. I will keep the congregation informed on how we progress.

This is the first nibble I have received since coming to Edinburg. The president of this congregation told our bishop they are interested in conversation since their current rostered leader is not getting any younger, a comment I assume is true for all congregations.

I was impressed by the conference meeting in McAllen, the first in this area for several years. I hope plans materialize for an other gathering in the fall.

Thank you to those who came to the event. With even one nibble, the meeting was worth the effort.